Including a BONUS COMIC BOOK by "Stone Rabbit" creator, Erik Craddock.
$15.00 plus shipping
Available as a CD or downloadable MP3s from CD BABY and iTunes
Grab the kids and let's go TO THE MOON! Get yourself a copy of our new full-length album featuring 15 amazing Fuzzy Lemons including the "kindie-rock" hits, Sunburn, Jump in a Puddle, and Skunks in My Shoes.

Never again shall plinky-dink kiddie tunes be heard blaring from the speakers of your kickin' minivan ride.  Sure, you've got kids, but that doesn't mean you need to retire your blazing hot air guitar moves. TO THE MOON! is the perfect soundtrack for the family that wants to rock out, have fun and enjoy great music together.

The Fuzzy Lemons Very First Zesty Home-Made From Scratch Demo CD!

Available soon through this website

Recorded during the summer of 2008, this demo cd is a collection of our original"hits" on the
Hoboken scene. Perfect for playing in the car, at home, and anywhere music is allowed by law, this cd will keep the little ones bopping along without driving the grown ups crazy!

Includes the following five songs: Let's Be Nice To Monsters, Don'tcha Wanna Ride?,  Picnic With a Chicken, It's OK to be Different, Where Does a Hat Go?

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