DANA HARRISON Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Percussion
Dana grew up singing in a church choir in the hills of Tennessee, giving her the pipes to bring her unique gospel & blues infused sound to the Lemons’ lyrics. Dana is the owner/teacher of Musicology, a Hoboken based children’s music and movement class. When she’s not singing for other children she enjoys singing to and with her own.


DAVE LAMBERT Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica
Dave wanted to be a musician and entertainer since age 10, when he first picked up a tennis racket the wrong way to strum along with Def Leppard videos in the early days of MTV. He worked his way up through the ranks with various marching bands, rock groups, and even day jobs before “going pro” as a Music Together teacher in 2002. He lives in Hoboken with his wife, his young son Rowan, and a polydactyl cat named Morpheus.


Things started out rough when Justin’s fourth grade music teacher pointedly requested that he not sing during choir class. Although his opera career was quashed, Justin's musical involvement was not: he began managing sound for live bands, and when the urge became strong enough (and no one was looking), he finally picked up a bass guitar. Justin lives in Hoboken with his wife and still secretly hopes that the opera world will someday accept him.


Chris has been playing and performing as a drummer in bands since the age of 16. He has played in a wide variety of bands and truly loves making people happy with the music he creates. Chris currently works at Garden Street Music as a teacher and studio session drummer. When he's not at work you can find Chris performing with a variety of bands throughout New York, writing, camping, fishing, and always goofing around, having fun. Chris loves meeting new friends, so please come and say "HI" to him at the next show.


VANESSA GARAIO - Keyboards and Vocals
Vanessa Garaio grew up in Northern NJ singing and playing the piano from a very young age. In her music-loving family, no holiday was complete without a song or ten around the piano with either Vanessa or her grandmother at the keys. Although show-tunes were always the family favorites, she decided to formally study classical and jazz piano and voice. Vanessa sings and plays keys as a solo jazz act, with jazz bands, church bands, gospel choirs and anyone on the dance floor when a Bon Jovi or Journey song is played. Whether she's at her fulltime job teaching elementary school or indulging her travel bug, Vanessa incorporates her love of music into everything she does.

ALUMNI Meet a few of the folks who helped make the Fuzzy Lemons who we are today.

KIPLEY WENTZ Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Accordion
His parents groaned when Kipley took "guitar" as an elective in college, but look at him now... rocking out with the hottest family band in the Western Hemisphere!* When not jamming with the Lemons, Kipley runs "Mister Kipley Music & Puppets" an early-education entertainment company, performing hundreds of music & puppet shows across the NY/NJ region each year.

*Eastern Hemisphere coming soon. 

BRANDON MILLER Drums and Cymbals


MAIKEN DUBOIS Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboards
MAIKEN DUBOIS' biggest childhood dream was to get a trumpet and travel around with a circus....well she got the trumpet and slowly realized that life is a circus! With her petite size she likes to pretend that she is the elephant of the circus and blow out loud sounds on the cornet and stomp her feet on the noisy drums. Maiken is from Denmark, where she had fun working as an actress, and playing the piano in her free time.


KIMBERLY PERRY loves to play drums. Ever since the third grade when she saw a dude with long, bleach-blonde hair playing a translucent blue drum set, she was sold. Kimberly finds playing a great and humbling privilege. In addition to joining the Fuzzy Lemons, other musical endeavors have included teaching at: the Willie Mae Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, The Collective, and her Mustard Seed School Percussion Club.


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